Thank you for being interested in joining the AIR Group.

Please read the following guidelines about how to apply for a position, and what is expected from a lab member.

PhD track

Applying: Apply via the Binghamton University graduate admission system. In your statement of purpose, please refer to our lab and, if applicable, a specific project that you would like to work on. You can increase your chances of admission by reading one of the affiliated papers and suggesting your own ideas as to how to extend the underlying research (be creative). A good applicant is one that provides evidence of the following three traits:

  1. Creative and self-sufficient. I provide guidance and mentoring as needed but I expect students to develop their own ideas, analyze results, identify patterns and issues, and explore known and new approaches to overcome emerged issues.
  2. Good coding capabilities. Students are expected to be skilled programmers, write structured and scalable code in a modular approach and produce code that is both efficient and easy to follow and manipulate.
  3. Proficiency in English (speaking and writing). Students are expected to write papers and talk freely about their research.

Once you submit your application, the PhD admission committee will review your credentials (GRE, TOEFL, GPA, LOP, references) and decide regarding your admissibility to our program. GRE can be waived for applicants with 3+ years of industrial experience in related areas. In such cases I will set an interview with you so we can discuss your fields of interest and experience and whether you'll be a good fit to our lab. Once this process is finalized we will extend an offer to those that best fit the lab. I cannot give any guarantees in advance other than that we will examine all applications and seriously consider them.

Current master and bachelor level lab members are welcomed to apply for a PhD position. For such cases the applicant is expected to be involved in promising research and demonstrate self sufficiency. Please contact the lab director directly if you would like to explore this option.

* Don't worry about sharing your thoughts. Assuming they are not trivial or previously published, I will not use, develop, or present your ideas without your consent.

Position description: As a PhD student you are expected to lead a research project. Leading a project requires you to develop and manage the affiliated codebase, guide interns and undergrads, perform ground-breaking research, and, ultimately, publish research papers. We will have weekly meetings where you will report progress during the past week, issues that you encountered, possible ways to address these issues, and objectives that you hope to accomplish in the following week. PhD students are expected to apply for fellowships that are relevant to them.

Master's thesis track

Applying: MSc applications follow a similar process and requirements as a PhD application (see above). Currently enrolled MSc students are welcomed to join the lab meetings and participate in a research project. Given sufficient contribution, I will happily support a transfer application from a non-thesis track to a thesis track. Exceptional MSc students will be offered admission to the PhD track.

Position description: As a MSc student you are expected to support a research project (usually led by a PhD student). You will be in charge of a well-defined sub-project. You are not expected to come up with your own ideas but encouraged to do so.


Applying: Current BU undergraduate students should take at least one of my courses. I am regularly offering courses on Artificial Intelligence, and Robotics. Please let me know your interests of joining our research group during the semester. I will usually introduce the current or recent projects of my PhD students, describe the possible improvements, and hope the undergraduate student is interested in one of the projects.

My group has been hosting Freshmen Research Immersion students through the Image and Acoustic Signals Analysis Stream. FRI students will spend one semester on research skills, such as paper reading, scientific writing, and formal communication. In the second and third semesters (of the 3-semester FRI program), students will have weekly meetings with their FRI Research Educator (one of my PhD students) and myself. Usually, FRI students team up to help on one of our ongoing projects (led by PhD students).

Position description: Undergraduate students will be mostly playing the supporting role in projects led by PhD students. Example tasks can be collecting experimental results, implementing software functions, testing software in simulation or on real robots.

Visiting Scholar, Postdoc

Applying: A visiting scholar/postdoc position is available for researchers with a proven research record. A proven record refers to publications in top-tier venues, being a former collaborator, or a student of a former collaborator. Applicants should send an email to the lab director stating their background and credentials, one or more research projects that they would like to lead, one letter of support (preferably from a former collaborator)

Position description: Visiting scholars are expected to: (a) manage a research project (b) guide interns and undergrads and (c) produce substantial research contribution in the form of publications, grants, codebase, and graduate student mentoring. We will have weekly meetings where you will report progress during the past week, issues that you encountered, possible ways to address these issues, and objectives that you hope to accomplish in the following week.

Summer Intern


Position description:

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Thanks to Guni Sharon, who created the initial version of the guidelines for his research group.